About Mulberry Hut

Bringing Beauty to Business (B2B)

Welcome to Mulberry Hut!

We are Maithilee and Hong, the founders of Mulberry Hut, and we have an unconventional definition of B2B. Beauty to Business!

The usual work wardrobe, which consists of black, brown, or navy, can be taken several notches up by simply wrapping a scarf around the neck. Accessories have the power to turn simple to stunning in a matter of seconds.
We believe that the attention and cultivation of beauty is a lifestyle.
A busy creative professional woman builds a functional work wardrobe for efficiency, but it does not need to lack beauty.
We are here to help you create stunning looks in a fraction of time.

Hong, a Software Manager in Silicon Valley, is originally from the Hangzhou region of China, which is famous for its pure mulberry silk production. Hong has a keen eye and a high standard for quality and originality.

Maithilee, a Business Woman,  Life and Career Coach, former High-Tech Manager, and an artist, has a passion for colors and patterns. Through her coaching practice, she helps her clients create a personal brand through the dressing. Finding right color combinations to create right impressions for the occasion is something she is skilled at.

Together, we are committed to making your life more colorful and beautiful by providing you with high-quality pieces to accentuate your wardrobe.

You can count on MulberryHut!

-Maithilee and Hong.

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